It is interesting knowing what people think, but it is much more important knowing what they really know.

Internet is saturated with all kind of information, contradictory, slanted or partisan, mostly used as if it were true. OnCriteria tryies to be a solution to this problem.

With the help of the Internet users and a complex mathematical system it classifies information to draw conclusions, to know that is true and what is not, and shows a probability of its certainty. A person cannot find the whole truth, but together we have much more chances.

With OnCriteria you can share your knowledge with other people and sometimes facing them, but always drawing conclusions and knowing that arguments are the most accurate. Sometimes you teach others what you know and sometimes you learn from them, but always knowingly.

There are lots of discussion forums and websites about questions, some of them you can even vote, but only in OnCriteria you can argue and obtain a measurable and tangible certainty.

OnCriteria has a sophisticated mathematical system that calculates the veracity of the assertions and the users credibility. It is not based on lots of opinions but these are also taken into account. This ensures the best credibility to the best argued assertions which are not always the most popular or that one would like to think.

Truth is for everyone.

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