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Lemmy Kilmister is now the only one original member of the Rock'n'Roll/Rock/Metal/Punk band Motörhead. No one can deny that he is a very special guy.

He has openly shown several times World War II stuff. More specifically, german decorations from this time. In some interviews and documentary films he indeed has shown part of its own collection where one can find lots of nazi flags.

Some alarmed people have raised Cain, mainly because he is a public figure very popular and imitated. Is there any reason to be concerned about or it is only one more eccentricity?

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Lot of people have been quick to point to Lemmy as being Nazi. What a mistake! If you take a look at the documentary film "Lemmy (Film)", Lemmy himself explains this misunderstanding: He has a huge collection of military equipment and a big part of this stuff comes from the World War II, where, e...  [→]
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