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As the fictional character Doctor Octopus did, I guess if is it even remotely possible nowadays to build these robotic tentacle arms. The original arms are mentally controlled, electrically powered, telescoping, prehensile and made of titanium-steel. I am not asking for these to have the same characteristics but almost the same functions.

One can think of these arms to work with electricity and be flexible and prehensile too but I do not know how to do it or indeed if it is possible.

Does anyone know how to made these tentacle arms a remote idea of it would not be possible or what would be the first step for building it?

I think that a good starting point is to mechanically design the tentacle arms to be as flexible and stronger as possible. After that, the next step should be how to control these and finally the energy power supply.

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Part of the technology does already exist as you can see in this video. The energy troubles, how to control them, how to transport such heavy arms and other problems have still to be solved, but I think that the most important ...  [→]
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