First steps

How to ask a question or add a new debate.

  • Click on the corresponding section,
  • Main menu, science, fantasy, history, etc
  • at the top of the title,
  • Fantasy menu, add button
  • click on the submit button and ask your question or add your new debate. You can find more information on "How to post properly"

Adding an answer.

  • Simply go to the bottom,
  • Suggested answers, submit button
  • and click the "add new" button. Some answers and assertions have this format:

where the icon allows you to see all the arguments for and against. The icon allows you to evaluate the affirmation.

How to evaluate other users' assertion.

If you agree or you do not, or if you think that you can provide new arguments, use the icon to show all the available options.

  • If you only agree or you do not without further explanation, use I agree and support it or I am against it.
  • If you want to explain why you agree or you are against, choose between all grouped options in Support it and in Add a reason against it.
  • If you want to add and explain new arguments for or against, use Add a support argument or Add an argument against, where you can post and add all details that you find necessary.
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